1-What is the TOEFL test

International exam in English language support English language of America. Via the Internet and are required by universities around the world who are interested in master's or doctoral study or embassies in the event of Talbahjrh measures the four English language skills are: reading, writing, speaking, listening.

2-What is the test score?

Testing of 120 degrees and the following link shows the comparison with IELTS http://www.ets.org/toefl/institutions/scores/compare/

3-Do American universities recognize the test?

Yes Djemba US universities recognize this test.

4-Are British universities recognize this as an alternative to IELTS test?

Yeah. 98% of British universities accept the TOEFL test as an alternative to IELTS. And you can check this site from British universities.

5. Is the Australian and Turkish universities recognize this test?

Yeah. All universities in Australia and Turkey accept this test.

6. I could use the test to apply for visa to the United Kingdom?

Yeah. You can use it to apply to Visa. Http://www.ets.org/toefl/ibt/about/who_accepts_scores/uk

7. When can a test?

Penner company currently provides Sesko in cooperation with the Academy at the University of Mustansiriya 3 to 4 sessions per month.

8. When is the last date for the reservation of the test?

The last date for the reservation of the test is 8 days before the day of the test.

9. How fares the test?

Wages of the test is 255 000 Iraqi dinars cover taxi testing and monitoring of the test.

10. When are the results?

E result is shown during the 14 business days and paper sent within one to two months.

11-How do I book on the test?

You can book test either on our way (banner) company or by Sesko academy in the Baghdad University College of Engineering

12. Can I pay the wages of the test without prohibitions to the office or Mustansiriya University?

Yes you can by paying the wages of the test by cash deposit to the account of our company.

13-How can I Althzir for the test?

You can use the program Althzira by ETS company (producing test) and that helps to create the test. The adoption of the previous versions of the real test for the preparation of this program?

14-How do I use Althzira program?

Althzira program is through the Internet and you can use it in most computers.

15-Do you need a calculator to be connected to the Internet?


16-km price of the program?

The program price is $ 40 or the equivalent in Iraqi dinars.

17-Do I need that to Block office Penner company to get the program?

Both. You can pay the amount of the program through a bank deposit to the company account and then we send the software code to you by email .