Written by Administrator on 17 June 2010.

Test de Français International™

tfiWhat Is TFI?

The Test de français international™ (TFI™) is a French language proficiency test for people whose native language is not French. The TFI test results show how well you communicate in French in business and academic environments.

Who Takes It And Why?

The TFI test is for language learners of all levels, regardless of occupation or background. You don't need to have special knowledge beyond that of a person who uses French in everyday work activities.

Training organizations can use the TFI test to group students homogeneously, validate their progress with an unbiased external test, and consequently boost their motivation.In Academic institutions, the TFI test enables students to validate their French language proficiency and compare their level against the requirements of the business environment.Individuals choose to take the TFI test to determine their true level of proficiency and have it validated by an external measure.

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