It's been said that people use only about 10% of their brain capacity. If so, that's a lot of wasted potential!

Is the same kind of shortfall happening with the technology that your workers use every day? Consider these questions:

- What percentage of available technology does your average employee actually use?
- How proficient are your employees with the most common productivity software in the world, Microsoft Office?
- If you're already investing in software training, how can you determine how much it's actually helping your employees?

What your employees don't know about their everyday technology tools can directly affect your company's bottom line. Organizations experience significant losses in productivity due to a lack of Microsoft Office proficiency among employees.



If your employees increased their software knowledge and efficiency, how much more productive could your business become? Certiport measures, improves, and validates your employees' Microsoft Office skills with this four-step process:

1. Assess: Find out exactly what your workers know—and don't know.
2. Learn: Apply prescribed learning materials and practice tests to address skill gaps.
3. Practice: Use customized practice tests to drive and measure skill improvement.
4. Certify: Validate and reward employees' new level of proficiency.

The Certiport solution begins with a precise, personalized assessment of how well your employees know Microsoft Office and use it to fulfill the goals of your business.

Next, your employees close their software skill gaps with the help of practice tests tailored to your company's needs.

Finally, Certiport provides the official exam that certifies your employees as Microsoft Office Specialists. This is an industry-recognized credential that many colleges accept for credit.

Considering that up to 80% of an employee's work day involves using Microsoft Office applications, understanding the impact of certification on employee productivity will directly affect your business performance.