Will your students be ready for the workforce when they graduate? Will they have practical Office computing skills that will help them get started in their careers?

Now is your opportunity to enrich the substance and value of your course curriculum with Microsoft Office Specialist credentials. With certification, students get the opportunity to develop foundational expertise in cutting-edge computing skills as part of their chosen course of study, to help them knock down the academic obstacles and barriers that typically disenchant students and lead to increased drop-out rates. Regardless of the course topic, teachers can provide more to their students by personally achieving demonstrated skills in Microsoft Office. Microsoft Office Specialist certification features a simple framework for skill assessment and validation. And certification verifies a wide variety of computing skills; not only in programs, but also for specific job functions such as managing budgets and presentations.

Provide Your Students with a Valuable Resource

Use Microsoft Office Specialist certification as a ready-made module for your business and technology curricula, and offer students the opportunity to master real-world desktop computing skills that businesses require.


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